How does it Help?

In regards of infection control, the E-Menu provides a clear advantage over traditional menu, as the latter is shared among customers, and difficult to keep sterile.
Sollus-R menu ensures that every customer uses his own smartphone to access the menu and submit his orders.

What do I Need?

No need for any equipment!
All you need to do is to subscribe to Sollus-R, enter your menu, and provide dedicated QR code on each table. Customer scans the code with his smartphone camera, instantly accessing the menu. Once he submits order, you’ll receive it on your smartphone/PC.


Sollus-R is compatible with all smartphone systems. It may also be used on tablets.


The software allows customer to view menu in either English or Arabic languages.

Subscribe Now!

Sollus-R is available in monthly subscription module, all for minimal fees!
Contact us now to get the price list, as well as a free trial period.

Sollus is also available for hotels. Contact us for more.